Frequently asked questions

How do I store my meals?

You can store your most of our meals in either your fridge or freezer.

However, we advise refrigerating our 'Pasta Pots' rather than freezing to ensure optimal taste.

Our products have individual storage instructions, so be sure to check the packaging on arrival.

Our meals have a minimum use by date of 3 days when you receive them, so if they can be frozen we recommend doing so to ensure freshness, if you are not going to eat them during that period.

Plus, any meals can that be frozen can also be cooked in the microwave from frozen too!

How many servings is one meal?

We've done the work for you with your portion control needs. Each meal is created as the perfect single portion for one adult, so there's no need to share.

You can keep track of your calories and macros with our full nutritional breakdown on our menu page. And, if you ever have a hankering for more, we offer a variety of add ons including pizzas, breakfast options and snacks too!

When will I be charged?

When you first sign up you will be charged on that day. After your first order your account will be billed when your order renews, unless you skip or cancel your subscription.

Is this a subscription?

Glad you asked! It is. We believe in convenience without compromise. 

You're in complete control of your subscription! Once you choose your delivery frequency you'll receive deliveries in line with your schedule. You can always skip a week or cancel 48 hours before your next delivery. 

There's no cancellation fees or obligations to stay with us (apart from the great tasting food being delivered to your door).

You also have the freedom to change your payment details, delivery address, and update the number of meals delivered each week. And, we’ll also send you friendly reminders to keep your memory fresh.

Does my credit card get charged if I skip a week?

Great question! We'll only charge you 48 hours before your next delivery. You can pause or skip deliveries as well, so no worries there.  If your order has been paused before our cutoffs, your credit card will NOT be charged.

To keep it real simple, you can manage all of this directly from your account.

What do I get in my delivery?

Your delivery box will contain the exact meals and the number of meals (as well as any add-on items) you’ve ordered. Your meals are shipped in an insulated box with frozen gel packs to ensure your food stays chilled during transit.

Do you offer specific diets?

Great question! We have a wide range of meals for all diets, including high protein, low fat, low salt and under 30g carbs. For more information, check out our “dietary preferences” filter on our Menu page.

Are your meals Gluten Free?

While some of our meals have No Gluten Containing Ingredients, due to the handling of gluten in the manufacturing and distribution sites, we cannot state that these products are Gluten-Free as there is a small risk of cross-contamination. 

Every product on our product page includes a full ingredients list for you to check, by clicking the 'i' on the product images.

We are always looking to improve our service and are currently looking into whether it would be possible to eliminate this risk. Please keep your eye out for updates.