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  • Italian-Style Meatball Pasta Pot
    cooking time: 4 minuts
    451 Kcal

    Italian-Style Meatball Pasta Pot

    Italian-inspired chicken meatballs with a roasted red pepper sauce, pasta, broccoli and hard cheese crumb.
    1 of your 5-a-dayLow sugar31g proteinLow Salt
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    10 Meals

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    14 Meal

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    20 Meals

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    7 Meals

  • Premium Meal Surcharge

    Premium Meal Surcharge

    This is the additional charge for one of the premium meals within your meal box.
  • Pork Stroganoff
    cooking time: 4 minuts
    464 Kcal

    Pork Stroganoff

    Shredded pork in a rich and creamy stroganoff sauce served with rice, green beans, and lentils.
    1 of your 5-a-dayLow sugarHigh proteinUnder 45g carbs
  • Chicken Ramen
    cooking time: 4 minuts
    400 Kcal

    Chicken Ramen

    Shredded chicken, soba noodles, baby corn, and edamame beans served in a ramen-style stock.
    1 of your 5-a-dayHigh ProteinLow sugarLow fat
  • Braised Beef & Colcannon Mash
    cooking time: 4 minuts
    356 Kcal

    Braised Beef & Colcannon Mash

    Braised beef steak in a rich gravy with colcannon mash of potato, cabbage, spring onions, and sweet carrots. 
    1 of your 5-a-dayHigh proteinLow sugarLow fat
  • Chimichurri Beef
    cooking time: 5 minuts
    422 Kcal

    Chimichurri Beef 🌶️

    Spicy shredded beef brisket with roasted sweet potatoes, giant cous cous and chimichurri dressing.
    2 of your 5-a-dayHigh proteinLow fat